We offer a variety of roof cleaning methods, but most customers with composition roofs are looking for a detailed roof washing which removes unsightly contaminates like moss, black staining and debris, all at once (gutters are always included for free). This typically costs $300-$600. It will cost less if you are only looking for a roof blow-off or gutter cleaning. Larger, steeper or differing material roofs will likely cost more.

Roof cleaning is important for the aesthetics of your home, but more importantly it prevents problems like moss rooting, roof leaking from improper water shedding, and moisture build up. We clean all roof types including asphalt/composition, metal, cedar shake, slate and tile.

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Roof Washing

Most people are looking to remove all moss, debris, stains and black streaks from their roof at once. This gets taken care of with our standard detailed roof wash. This will leave your roof looking like-new immediately.

Moss Preventative Treatment

We offer moss preventative treatments to help keep moss from growing on your roof. This will typically cost $60-$140 to have this powder applied to the ridges of the roof. It will wash down the roof during the following rains and can be applied rain or shine. We recommend applying this after cleaning and once per year thereafter to kill moss micro-organisms. We do not recommend this as a means to kill or remove existing visible moss and algae.

Roof Soft Washing

Another common roof cleaning method that we offer is "Soft Washing". We spray a non toxic and biodegradable solution onto the roof which instantly removes algae and black streaks. Remaining moss turns whitish-yellow and will fall off in 2-6 months or sooner. All steep roofs are cleaned using this method, but it is optional for normal sloped roofs. Please specifically mention roof soft washing in your inquiry.​

Roof Blow-Off

Pairing a roof blow-off with a gutter cleaning is a much less expensive option if you are not in need of moss, algae, lichen, or slime removal. This method will remove 95% or more of loose debris from this roof, but will not remove moss. Please specify this method in your inquiry.

Roof Cleaning Bellingham, WA
Roof Cleaning Bellingham, WA Moss Removal

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