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We offer a variety of methods for roof cleaning in Custer, WA, but most customers with composition roofs are looking for a soft-washing which removes unsightly contaminates like moss, black staining and debris (gutters are always included for free). This typically costs $350-$650. It will cost less if you are only looking for a roof blow-off or gutter cleaning. Larger, steeper or differing material roofs will likely cost more.

Roof cleaning in Custer, WA is important for the aesthetics of your home, but more importantly it prevents problems like moss rooting, roof leaking from improper water shedding, and moisture build up. We offer roof cleaning in Custer, WA for all types of roof materials including asphalt/composition, metal, cedar shake, slate and tile.

Custer, WA Roof Cleaning Quotes 
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Detailed "Soft Wash" Roof Cleaning Custer, WA

Our staple method of roof cleaning in Custer, WA for moss and algae removal is referred to as "soft washing". This is the industry standard roof cleaning method which is recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). This is a no-pressure process in which we lightly broom off large clumps of moss before spraying a biodegradable solution onto the roof that instantly kills all organic growth. Remaining moss turns whitish-yellow and will disintegrate off of the roof within 2-5 months or sooner, leaving the roof looking like-new. Results are completely guaranteed.

Roof Blow-Off

Another option for roof cleaning in Custer, WA is a less costly roof blow-off. This is a good option if you are not in need of moss, algae, lichen, or slime removal. This method will remove 95% or more of loose debris from this roof, but will not remove moss. Please specify this method in your inquiry.

Moss Preventative Treatment

We offer moss preventative treatments as an inexpensive way to prevent moss from growing on your roof in the first place. This will not kill or remove existing moss and algae (a soft wash roof cleaning is necessary for that). Moss prevention typically cost $60-$140 to have this powder applied to the ridges of the roof. It will wash down the roof during the following rains and can be applied rain or shine. We recommend applying this once per year to kill micro-organisms before you start noticing any moss. This can help prevent you from needing roof cleaning in Custer, WA altogether, if applied annually.

Roof Cleaning Custer, WA
Roof Cleaning Custer, WA Moss Removal

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Q: Are you licensed, bonded and insured? A: Yes, we are licensed, bonded and insured.

Q: Do I need to be there at the time of service? A: No, you are not required to be there at the time of service. Please close all windows, pull cars away from the edge of the home, and have one outdoor faucet working.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept and prefer? We prefer checks or Venmo. We also accept cards, cash, WECU transfers, and money orders (2.5% processing fee for cards).

Q: What roof cleaning method do you use? A: We use a no-pressure method called "soft washing". This restores the roof to a like-new condition by removing all moss, algae, discoloration and loose debris, without high pressure. This is the industry standard cleaning method that is recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). Please see our list of roof cleaning methods above for more information.

Q: Do I need a detailed roof cleaning to remove moss/algae? A: If you are able to see moss or discoloration (black algae) on the roof while standing outside of the home, then we would recommend a full soft wash roof cleaning.

Q: Will you come out to see our home for a quote? We give all of our quotes online. We can see photos and exact dimensions of the home or building on the property assessor website or using satellite images. We take into account that up to half of the roof may not be as heavily infested as the other half, but we get all areas of the roof clean. Quotes are not subject to surprise price increases or decreases.

Q: Do you do partial roof cleanings? We take into account that up to half of the roof will not be as heavily infested as the other half, but we get all areas of the roof clean. We do not quote for partial roof cleanings and do not recommend it due to quick re-contamination, cost effectiveness, and for the fact that there is almost always more moss starting to grow on the roof than you can see from the ground.

Q: When is the best time in the year to have moss or algae removed? If moss or algae is visibly growing, we recommend having it removed immediately to prevent further damage, moisture retention and moss rooting. There is no preferred season of the year for moss removal.


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